Are you a high school or college student looking for a way to make a difference in the world, for some place to volunteer your time and talents? Or are you a youth minister looking for a worthwhile service site for your group? You’ve come to the right place!Young people bring a great deal of joy to the elderly. The two generations seem to understand each other very well. Our home is blessed with young volunteers who come from local High Schools and Colleges, sometimes as part of their education work. Lots of times, they develop bonds with the Residents and want to keep coming after their course work.

Youth service options at our home include:

  • Mass with the Residents and Little Sisters – every day at 11 a.m.
  • Helping to serve meals to the Residents
  • Providing music and entertainment – our Residents always enjoy performances by school groups!
  • Volunteering for a day of service at the home.
  • School class or youth group could sponsor an event – a bingo party or another special activity
  • Participate in the Hospitality Club, which meets monthly for a full day of sharing, praying and fun with the Residents

If you or your youth group would like to get to know the wisdom and understanding of our elderly Residents, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Valerie Beam at (412)307-1139.