Meet Our Family

“This is a great place. The Sisters and other Residents really make you feel at home. They even know your name. I truly feel at home here.”

~Jean Rectenwald, St. Joseph Building Resident

“In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus says, ‘The poor you will always have with you; but you will not always have Me.’ I think of that scripture passage in reference to this ministry. Here at this home administered by the Little Sisters of the Poor, I have both the poor and the Lord with me. For in ministering to the poor in the name of Christ, I am in the presence of the Lord as well.”

~Father John Geinzer, Little Sisters’ Chaplain

“Several years ago a relative became a Resident at the Little Sisters’ home. I saw firsthand the care and compassion given to her and all the Residents and decided then to become a volunteer and later a member of the Association Jeanne Jugan. My experience at the home has been very rewarding.”

~Judy Mullin, Volunteer and Association Jeanne Jugan Member

“I have worked at the Little Sisters for over half of my life. It truly is my home away from home. It has been a joy to serve the Residents and to work with the Sisters and fellow staff.”

~ Carol Reihart, Certified Nursing Assistant

“I’ve found great happiness in being a Little Sister of the Poor, to welcome the needy elderly into our homes and to become like family to them. It is a joy to help the elderly live a quality of life with love and dignity, to care for our Residents until Our Father calls them home to Himself. I am strengthened by our life of prayer, centered on the Eucharist, and supported by our community life.”

~Sister Dorothy, LSP