We offer a continuum of care, from independent living and nursing care for the elderly poor.Independent Apartments
Our home has capacity for 45 independent living Residents. Each apartment features a fully equipped kitchen, a bath, living room, bedroom, and an intercom system. Apartment Residents must be able to live independently and manage all their physical needs and daily activities. However, daily meals are available in a group setting, if an apartment Resident chooses.

Longterm Nursing Home Care
Our Long Term Nursing Home Care Households offer each Resident a large bedroom with a full private bathroom. Twelve Residents form a household, which features a shared kitchen, common living room, dining room, laundry room and secured porches. Longterm services are appropriate for those persons needing significant assistance with activities of daily living. Nurses and aides are available twenty-four hours each day in each of the four nursing households. All meals and housekeeping services are provided to the Residents at this level of care.

Application Process
The application process to Little Sisters of the Poor in Pittsburgh usually begins with a brief telephone conversation with our social worker, to help the family determine if an application to our Home is appropriate for meeting the person’s needs at that time. If so, an “Inquiry Form” is sent or e-mailed to the prospective Resident or Resident’s family for completion and return to our Social Services Department.We ask that the Inquiry Form be completed in full, be current, signed and returned to our Social Services office for review. Once we receive and review the Inquiry Form and if there is a concern regarding financial eligibility/assets, missing information, level of care, or other issues, the applicant will be notified. Otherwise, the person’s name is added to the appropriate waiting list and the form is kept on file.

A person is not on our waiting list until the Inquiry Form has been returned to and approved by Social Services. If the information for the applicant changes after submission, especially contact information or health condition, a new form can be requested and submitted with updated information.

If a person is seeking an apartment, the waiting list is always used to begin the search for a new Resident. If a nursing home room becomes available, priority admission is given to those needing additional care that currently live in our apartments. If there is no one in the home needing to transition to a higher level of care, we then turn to the waiting list to begin the process of interviewing for admission.

Sadly, many persons are on our waiting list, and we can consider only a small fraction of those many deserving persons. We know the disappointment this causes for so many who inquire, and we sincerely apologize that our space and size limit us in the number of elderly poor persons we can help in our Home.

Admission Process
For consideration for admission, we call a prospective Resident and/or the family and request an update of the information already provided on the Inquiry Form and, if needed, verification of financial eligibility. Once received, and if eligible, we schedule an appointment to meet with them at our Home. It is at that meeting that we discern if the person’s needs and desires can be met at our Home. If so, the applicant will be notified and will receive needed paperwork to be completed prior to admission.

After meeting, if we feel we are unable to meet an applicant’s needs, we can provide information regarding other local facilities, services, and resources in our area which may be of help to the applicant and the family.

Contact Information:
For information on application to the long term care nursing home, contact: or (412) 307-1100

For more information on application to the Independent Apartments, contact: or (412) 307-1100